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1. Determine the relative bandwidth as the ratio of the absolute bandwidth to the center frequency.

 2. In the table, "SAW filters" locate any filter at arbitrary frequency with relative bandwidth needed and appropriate level of insertion loss, shape factor, group delay etc. It will be a filter - prototype.

 3. Create an request, specifying the type of filter prototype (the letter "A" and the first three digits) is required by the new center frequency. Refine the preferred type of packaging.


An example.

Front-End filter with the bandwidth 85 MHz at 1700 MHz center frequency needed.

 1. The required relative bandwidth dF/F0 = 85/1700 = 0.05 (5%)

 2. In the table, "SAW filters" sort the data by means of arrows in the column heading "Relative bandwidth"

 3. Find the low loss filter with a relative bandwidth near 5%, for example, A153-1860M1 (5.11% relatiive bandwidth).

 4. Order a new filter as A153-1700M1 in DCC6 package in an amount from 5 to xxxxx units.



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