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SAW Narrowband Filter

Narrowband Low Loss 2500 MHz SAW  filters A070-2500M1

AEC Design offer new narrowband 2500 MHz SAW Quartz filters A070-2500M1. New devices demonstrates
6.80dB min IL @ 0.1% bandwidth, small SMD package and good stability. More...

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Low noise STW Resonator

Low noise 1 GHz STW resonator A474-1000M1

AEC Design improving the performance of the new STW resonators A474-1000. It expected to reduce its flicker noise while maintaining high Q and resistance to high temperatures. In the technological process, measurements of the insertion phase noise of the resonators introduced. More (in Russian)..

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New Delay Line

Miniature 2.6 GHz Low Loss DL A359-2595M1

AEC Design starting pilot production of new miniature 2/6 Ghz Delay Line A359. Devices demonstrates medium loss 29 dB, wide bandwith and good GDR. More..



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2017 June 22